If you’re into nostalgic old time photos and are curios to see what Moscow looked like some 100+ years ago, check out this excellent project, www.oldmos.ru.  This is a major online archive of private and public photos of literary every corner of Moscow and beyond dating from 1826 till our times!

Those living in the present-day Moscow suburbs can discover their residential compexes  stand where beautiful dachas and summer estates used to be.  My house, as I recently discovered, stands on the spot where the Shotkmann pharmacist’s country house used to be!

Update: As it turns out, the project has now spread globally, and you can now find it atwww.pastvu.com and, luckily, it’s got an English version.   Enjoy the old views worldwide!!

Photo: An early 20th century mansion, north-east Moscow www.oldmos.ru