Have you ever dreamed of living in a fairy-tale Russian-style house but found traditional ‘izbushkas’ too uncomfortable and out-of-date?   Well, apparently, they aren’t anymore!  Today’s development and construction companies will build you the house of your dreams, a modern day izbushka (a log house) or terem (tower chamber) with all the modern conveniences and spacious interiors.  Consider, for instance, a  development  company based in Moscow, “Old-Russian House” (Древнерусский дом). These guys design fantastic Russian style houses in stone, wood and mixed material inspired by the longstanding Russian wooden building tradition (e.g. the Russian North), Russian Revival style of the late 19thcentury, architectural design projects by famous 19-20th c. Russian artists like Victor Vasnetsov, and even fairy-tale images!  They will do the exterior carving and customized interior decoration. And like that was not enough, they even offer a special service of selling and restoring the old (18-19th cc) log houses of the Russian North!!  Aren’t we modern people lucky of what?! (provided you can afford this luxury of course 😉 )

Official website: www.kelohouse.ru

Photos from the company’s website