A fascinating and very ancient craft which is being revived today is reed weaving. The technique is somewhat similar to weaving loom, but much more simple and compact and is used for making woven belts and headbands. Skilled craftsmen can make gorgeous and very elaborate patterns. Originally, the highly symbolic ornaments on belts, headbands, cuffs and collars served to scare away evil forces. These ancient accessories are now very popular among those many Russians who explore and embrace their Slavic roots and heritage. You can purchase these beautiful handmade pieces on www.livemaster.ru Here are just a few links:

• Svetlana (Sevastopol, Russia) https://www.livemaster.ru/dalana
• Ryzhaya Myavka (Ryazan’, Russia) www.livemaster.ru/myavka79
• Olesya (Zlatoust, Russia) www.livemaster.ru/olesya-b

Photo credits: www.livemaster.ru