Museum of Russia’s Contemporary History. The mansion

If you have a little more than a few days in Moscow, and if you’re fascinated with Russia’s Soviet heritage and modern history, then you will enjoy the Museum of Russia’s Contemporary History.

To begin with, the venue itself is fascinating, as it was once a so-called English club (from 1831 to 1917). It was one of the first gentlemen clubs to open in Moscow, and one of the most influential.  In his War and PeaceLeo Tolstoi described a dinner party to honor commander prince Petr Bagration at this exact club!  The interiors have been partly preserved, and you can check them out while you’re at the museum.

The fancy mansion was nationalized in 1917, and Museum of Revolution was set up instead. It was later reorganized into Museum of Russia’s contemporary history.    Today it features some of the key historical highlights from late 19th century till recent times, including abolition of serfdom, the two revolutions, collectivization, the great patriotic war, Gagarin’s flight into space,  perestroika as well as some of the very recent events.

You will love the rich collection of Soviet propaganda banners and posters and other artifacts. The museum’s gift shop is humble but still worth checking as well.

Where: Tverskaya, 21 Moscow

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