V. Stozharov. Pskov. The Kremlin. The flat tower. Oil on canvas Photo

One Russian artist I feel particularly strongly about is Vladimir Stozharov (1926 – 1973). Born in Moscow, and a graduate of the Surikov art college, he travelled extensively around northern Russia,  and developed a passion for the indigenous culture of historic towns like Kostroma, Rostov, Pskov, Velikiy Novgorod. The nature, history and heritage of these age-old towns are in the center of his artistic focus. His canvases are very atmospheric, and his palette is strikingly rich.  The artist died early and a lot of his works are now in private collections and museums in Russia. Some are still available through private galleries, like www.artpanorama.su

Visit the artist’s official website: www.stozharov.com for more information and photos of his works

Vladimir Stozharov. Turukhansk. 1956. Oil, canvas
Photo from: www.stozharov.ru