If you ever wanted to actually stay at an authentic old-time Russian house then I’ve got good news for you: one such unique house actually exists in the town of Suzdal. Suzdal, a small town around 250 km from Moscow, is itself a real open-air museum with some of the most ancient monasteries and churches in the country, picturesque wooden houses and old-fashioned little streets, with almost no Soviet-time architecture (thank Heavens!) The landmark in question – the early 18th century merchant house of Likhonin (дом Лихонина) – is actually a museum AS WELL AS a hotel! It is a two-storey compact building, with the stone-made first floor and a wooden second floor and features reconstructed interiors of a typical 19th c. merchant class home of provincial Russia. A great many furniture pieces, like chest boxes, cupboards, chairs etc. are original 18-19th cc. items. The house, with its Russian stoves, patchwork blankets and herb bunches on the walls is incredibly cozy and immediately immerses you in the atmosphere of its time. It offers two single rooms and three double rooms, a home-made Russian breakfast with blini and kashas is included. I have personally visited in several times, each time thoroughly enjoying the authentic experience . Book early as it is hugely popular with the locals, especially the Muscovites!

Where: Slobodskaya street 34, Suzdal (Суздаль, ул. Слободская, 34)
Contact details: + 8 (492) 312-19-01
To book the room: http://hotelsbroker.com/hotel/dom_kupca_lionina_h22038