Pavlov Posad is a humble little town around 80 km from Moscow, and yet its name is known to every Russian. It is home to the famous printed scarf of Pavlov Posad. Printed silk and wool scarves have traditionally been one of the most favorite among Russian women who loved them for their beautiful colorful patterns and reasonable prices. At the turn of the centuries, the town was home to some of the largest textile factories of the Moscow region, and the workshops are still running today.

The Museum of Printed Scarf (Музей Платка), inspired by a passionate collector and a town resident, Vladimir Shishenin, hosts a unique collection of printed fabric, scarves and shawls of 18-20 cc including antique hand-printed scarves, shawls with rare and unusual patterns, and Soviet-time scarves with bold and surreal patterns. The museum was the winner of the leading Russian Museum award, “A Changing Museum in a Changing world” 2011. Besides general tours, the museum offers workshops of textile printing for children and adults.

Where: Bolshaya Porkovskaya street 37 (ул. Большая Покровская, 37), Pavlov Posad Russia

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